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I choose my words and if I don’t find one I like; I construct them.  Post-Dystopian is one of those words.  Now do I feel like I made it up, certainly not.  I put it together like I would a couple of 2×4’s laying on the ground and maybe somebody else has too.   Fundamentally, a word is comprised of many constituent properties, always relative to context and descended from events that resulted in that context.  Just like the 2×4’s that were once a tree.

The meaning that I interpret relative to the word at hand may be different than what you would.  To me post-dystopian signifies a transformation.  A transformation from a world of despair and beyond the naivety of believing that utopia can exist.  I know some will argue that utopia is possible.  I agree to a degree and I can’t prove it, but I certainly will not sit around and wait on it to happen nor argue the possibilities.  That in itself affects the manifestation of my personal utopia.  That’s also part of being a post-dystopian.  The realization that my utopia would be different from anybody else’s, leads me to the conclusion that two utopias may not be able to inhabit the same space at the same time, much less 7 billion utopias.  No wonder the word dystopian emerged in the first place, 6,999,999,999 people were in the way each of us getting to our own personal utopias and got us depressed and miserable and hopeless and looking for the answer for all the ails of society.  See the craziness.  Let’s get over it.  We try to fix things on the wrong end sometimes.  Dystopian is a state of mind just like it’s antonym utopia.

Now, I know we got problems, but living under the fear of doom and gloom and/or the impending apocalypse and/or listening to jibber jabber about whatever conspiracy wool is being pulled over whose eyes for what political agenda that makes you cooler than the next guy because you spent 97 hours in the past week researching it on wing nut political minded websites and are now the authority on secret information that was published for 7 billion people that are being directed by marketing to their own personal utopias to read, doesn’t help any.  We must act from places of clarity.  We must stop the noise.