psychedelic homogenization

Methodical mysteries fill the

endless night with startlight,

firelight, sight, flight of

the planets turning.  Winged mammals

emerge from their darkened daytime

haunted hollow roost; synchronized in

formation, migration of galaxies,

connection, speculation, revelation,

a dead sattelite’s reflection in a

still mountain pond, full pool;

still flowing, not knowing of

beauty or destruction, consumation,

damnation, overpopulation.

Gravity leads the wayward water

downhill, soundlessly slipping past

gnawing beavers to the sea.

Turtles in the deep creeping,

rabbit on the shore nibbling,

owl on the prowl asking not why, but Who?

Concoctions of the mind bubble up,

blended beliefs, pureed practices,

psychedelic homogenization of culture and religion,

abstract reinvention of soulful activity

leads me from the bush to the shore,

to adore the breathe that fills me.

wylder chase 2002

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