on Politics

I thought it might be appropriate to address politics now that this election cycle has broken wind.  Let there be hot air.

First, in the ancient rhetorical tradition of rhetoricians and scholars, I would like for us to take a look at the definition of the word politics.  Now that I see it in blue it looks strange to me maybe we should turn it red and righteous.  What if it was purple and passive?  What if we turn it green and politically correct?  What if it was clear and functional? Now that would be a fucking miracle.

I’m not here to talk about politics in the way of the polls and the candidates.  There are plenty of folks doing that already.  I would like to share my interpretation of the political landscape in these Divided States of America and focus on what common ground exists between all 100% of us.  Now don’t get frazzled because I included the 1% with the 99%.  If they are as all you wing nuts both right and left declare, then we the people are gonna need their help.  Who the hell are they anyway?  I’d like to talk to em’.  This is about ‘us’, all of us.  Now if anybody is offended by the term wing nut I’m probably talking directly to you, calm down and breathe.

So what do we have in common.  We eat, sleep, poop, drink, live, and breathe and die.  That’s about it.  The only consequential differences of any account are related to height and weight and the amount of dirt that we’ll each make.  The individual human experience is what we are all having.  We each exist and react to stimuli as time passes.  Our decisions are governed by circumstance.  Now I could romanticize or politicize or religicize any of the aforementioned terms, but that is not the goal.

The art of politics is getting people to believe that there is a cause with meaning and that by aligning oneself with that cause and supporting it the process of eating, sleeping, pooping, drinking, living and breathing and dying will be less expensive, easier, safer, and healthier.  Personally, I don’t buy it.  These days it’s mostly salesmanship and pandering and when someone does get elected the resistance rises on the other side of the aisle and stagnation of the process occurs.  This may not be a bad thing.  I mean look at how the economy is doing or the fact that most of our soldiers are at a home base somewhere right now, or that gas is cheaper, or that the dollar is strong during this phase of governance in which our highly esteemed politicians have been locked in a stalemate over principles and values and campaign contributions.  Like most of the disillusioned, free thinking, open hearted people out there I simply want to live my life in peace.  I’m sure the people in the really dysfunctional war torn nations would like to live in peace too with full bellies, but they too are subject to the ramifications that arise from conflicting opinions.

I think a lot about the consequences of two-party politics.  The suggestion puts two forces in opposition.  How can this system adapt to the many different sets of circumstances each of us individuals confront?  A lot of people desire more parties.  I think that it is a noble suggestion, but in a way I feel that it would create more noise.  So far I haven’t found anything in the Constitution that says we should have Republicans and Democrats fighting with each other while our roads fall apart and our turds pile up a mile high.  At this point I’m so over it that I think political parties should be banned.  Candidates should run on their merits, if they aren’t accomplished enough to be known and respected and liked by a majority of Americans without the support of a whole network of fundraisers and gossipers then maybe they aren’t the people we need guiding these United States of America.  Hell, in this day and age we could have an officially sanctioned website where people who wanted to run for office could make it known and we the people and our reporters and savvy conspiracy finders can sift through the dust for the diamonds and place them in the light for a cost that is next to nothing.  Instead we have a system in which we waste a bunch of money that could be used to fix things on all this rigamarole and hoohah.

So if any politician is listening and they want to negotiate for my vote;  I’ll be up early  going to work and I’ll be way to busy to listen to any of this horse shit I’ve been hearing.  And to anyone that may be reading this and has the desire to convince me to vote for your candidate of choice please don’t repeat any of the aforementioned.  And if you are in the 1% of the 1% and actually have a voice, call me, I have lot of ideas and no time to waste.


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3 responses to “on Politics”

  1. chloethurlow1 says :

    I am not in the 1% and, being English, do not have a vote. But, watching from afar, what I can see is Bernie Sanders saying all the things that the poor, needy and underprivileged actually want and need and Mr Trump having the ability to project those very same ideas in a distorted way with smoke, mirrors and bombast.

    I am sure Hillary will win the election and I just hope she adopts a great deal of Bernie’s agenda to continue Obama’s ideas and really create a fair and more equitable America – http://www.chloethurlow.com/2014/11/thinking-for-yourself/

    • wylderchase says :

      Bernie has certainly bent the Democratic agenda like a long limber bow. It’s kind of funny watching the Hillary do the slide step. What I would like to hear that I don’t hear anywhere is something about lowering poor peoples taxes. Everybody says let’s tax the 1%…I say how bout untax the bottom. For example, I make 25K and I give out 35% to taxes I am left with 17K. I pay 500 in rent a month. Down to 11K. Student Loans in a year for the degrees that I acquired in my spare time another 5k. Down to 6k. Other bills, phone, food, internet, the other basics that normal people have let’s say I can do it at 300 a month thats 3600. Down to 2400 and we haven’t even started talking clothes or gas money. Health insurance is not an option at a minimal monthly bill of 200. Guess I better not fall off that ladder at work.

      On the other hand if I make 150,000 a year…I have to figure out how to eat and survive on 75k. Most people would love to have that problem.

      I think we’ll see a Clinton/Sanders ticket, after the convention, vs. Trump/? (Probably somebody that actually has a little political experience)…hmmm…. a Trump/Sanders ticket would by far be the most revolutionary

  2. chloethurlow1 says :

    And perhaps revolution is what’s needed!

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